Currently, I am a graduate student lllat a German University in a Kaiserslautern. I love to study at the library rather than at home; I find the ambience at library more suitable to study than at home, seeing others study also equally motivates me, and there is unlimited countdown of books available at the library to read at any time.

But there is one problem for me at my university library, it doesn’t open on Sundays and national holidays. But as we say, ‘Khane mukh lai junga le chekdaina’, I found a bigger library at Mannheim University which opens on a Sunday and on national holidays as well.

But wait, there is one problem, the Mannheim city is an hour train travel from my place. Who would want to travel two hours a day just to go to the library? Right? No, that is not a problem for me at all because the hours I spend at the library is productive which I will feel on the days to come. But rather, the problem is it is almost always pack despite its capacity of around 1000 students.

The thing that strikes me most is, I used to often read at Pulchowk library during my Bachelor study days, but was never so comfortable going to library. Why don’t we have a strong library culture in our country?

On a national holiday, we do not find seats at library though it has a capacity of 1K in one of the city of Germany, I wonder how the libraries might be in other big cities. How many other libraries are as pack as in Germany and how many students are simultaneously reading all over the country at the same time. How much knowledge are the students gaining? How much of an impact it will have on the country’s future? It’s just an imagination. That’s the reason why each manpower of a developed nation is worth a value more than 1000 of that of an underdeveloped nation.

How many of you have visited Tribhuvan University Library, Pulchowk Library, Keshar Mahal Library? May be you must have made some few encounters at Embassy libraries. Can you imagine Keshar Mahal Library at the heart of the city, full of students reading day and night in Nepal? No, it does not happen at the epicenter of Nepal, so you would not need to imagine if there is a major chance of it happening at other regions of Nepal.

Here, you cannot find vacant seats in libraries and in my homeland, the libraries are empty. You will not find people all over Nepal studying simultaneously and gaining knowledge, but rather playing cards, ludos and carooms and many more sitting around cafes and scolding the government for doing nothing.

I wish the libraries in my homeland starts getting pack! I wish my people go to library instead of marking unnecessary words on social media.
Cheers to Nepal, my homeland!

Subash Basnet

Bibeksheel Nepali member from Germany